Let'er RIP! 2.5 is now available!

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A Let'er RIP! 2.5 updater is also available

Let'er RIP! PostScript Downloading the Automatic Way

Let'er RIP! is the intelligent, fully featured downloader/server for PostScript® files. Let'er RIP! was designed for professionals whose work involves imaging PostScript code. With Let'er RIP! you immediately begin saving time and money.

With Let'er RIP! "'re looking at the basis of a full blown service-bureau-management system."

Steve Roth- Macworld, February 1995

Let'er RIP! was reviewed in the February 1995 issue of MacWorld.

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Let'er RIP! retails for $239.00 US. It may be ordered from:

Lupin Software 530-756-7267,

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