1. Hiding a Printer from the network

2. Running Multiple copies of Let'er RIP! with Luminous OPEN


We have a Cannon 800/700 Fiery printer on the network that we have Let'er RIP! print to. Is there anyway to hide the printer from other users on the network and still have Let'er RIP! print to it.


Let'er RIP! can identify and print to printers with the device type of LaserWriter (All PostScript printers) or any other user defined type. The following PostScript code will change the printer type to one that is "invisible" to other users on a network, yet will allow Let'er RIP! to print to it.

% This code will change the printer type to "LaserShared"
% This will make the printer "invisible" to the Chooser
% It will persist until either you turn off the printer,
% reset it OR send code to change it.

serverdict begin 0 exitserver
statusdict /appletalktype (LaserShared) put

The printer type will be persistent until the printer is turned off, reset, restarted or the type is changed to a different type.

If you choose to change the printer type to something other than LaserShared, you will need to go to the General Preferences window of Let'er RIP! and change the "Alternate Printer Type" to your new type. Rebuild the printer menu and you are ready to go.

Let'er RIP! can recognize the new printer type and print to it. Other Macs on the network will not be able to see or print to this printer.

For convenience, you might want to put the code to change the printer type in the Custom Queries Folder so that it is easily accessible in Let'er RIP!.

Download a copy of the PostScript file to Change printer Type

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We are using Let'er RIP! with Luminous OPEN. The program works great, however, there are times that we would like to have two copies of Let'er RIP! running on Macintosh. The problem is that OPENCom will recognize only one copy of Let'er RIP!


To work around this limitation of OPENCom, we have created a small updater for Let'er RIP!. This updater will create a copy of Let'er RIP! and change the creator type to a new one. By doing this, you can easily have multiple copies of Let'er RIP! running on the same machine under OPEN. Included with the updater, we include a version of the Let'er RIP! OPEN configuration file that is keyed to the new creator type.

Download the OPEN File Type updater.

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